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Digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, passionate about crafting innovative campaigns that drive results. With a keen eye for trends and a knack for analytics, I specialize in maximizing online visibility and engagement. Let’s connect and elevate your digital presence together!

Digital Marketing Strategist in Malappuram, Kerala.

I’m not just a Digital marketing strategist in Malappuram; I’m a storyteller, a data enthusiast, and a relentless advocate for digital excellence. My journey in the digital world started at CDA Academy, and since then, I’ve been dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving landscape. Beyond the pixels and analytics, I’m passionate about helping businesses tell their unique stories. I comprehend that each brand possesses its own unique voice, and my objective is to enhance that voice in digital media.

“Having the best product in the world is useless if no one knows it exists.”

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is a digital marketing approach that utilizes various social media platforms to engage with the intended audience and advertise products or services. As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala I can provide the best SMM strategy for your business


Search Engine Optimization

As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I can say that SEO plays a pivotal role in enhancing the online visibility and success of businesses. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website's content and technical aspects to improve its ranking on search engine results pages, with the ultimate goal of attracting more organic traffic.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending targeted and personalized emails to a group of individuals to promote products and services or build relationships with customers. It is a direct and cost-effective method of communication.


Content Marketing

As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I can say that content marketing holds a paramount role in our comprehensive approach to promoting businesses in the digital realm. Content marketing is not just about creating and disseminating information.

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Future of influencer marketing

As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I can say that influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, evolving from a niche tactic to a mainstream marketing force. Brands scramble to partner with individuals who wield social influence, tapping into their reach and engagement to reach target audiences. But will this trend endure? Let's peek into the crystal ball and explore the potential trajectories of influencer marketing in the years to come.


Emerging trends in Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a vast and ever-evolving industry that continues to evolve in line with new technologies, consumer trends, and market trends. Being the best digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I can say that, as companies strive to compete and communicate effectively with their target audience, they need to be mindful of the emerging trends that are shaping the digital marketing landscape. Here are some of the key trends currently changing the way companies approach digital marketing

Insight Zone by Digital Marketing Strategist in Malappuram

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the landscape of digital advertising by imparting unheard-of talents to investigate, expect, and optimize marketing strategies. As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I understand that From personalized recommendations to predictive analytics, AI is reshaping how organizations engage with their audiences and creating a pressure boom within the digital world.

One of the primary roles of AI in virtual advertising is improving client satisfaction through personalized interactions. By leveraging device-getting-to-know algorithms, AI can analyze sizeable amounts of information accrued from purchaser interactions and behaviors. This analysis enables entrepreneurs to tailor their messages and offerings to character alternatives, thereby increasing engagement and conversion prices.


Importance of digital marketing in 2024

let’s discuss the importance of digital marketing from the perspective of the top digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala. In 2024, the significance of virtual marketing will continue to enhance, shaping the panorama of how groups connect to their goal audiences and power boom in an increasing number of virtual-centric global. As era evolves and client behaviors evolve with it, the significance of digital advertising becomes into apparent than ever before.

Digital advertising offers businesses exceptional possibilities to attain and interact with their audiences through diverse online channels, along with search engines like Google, social media platforms, e-mail, websites, and cellular programs. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing techniques, digital advertising and marketing enables unique concentrated on, actual-time tracking, and personalized verbal exchange, permitting groups to tailor their messages to particular demographics, hobbies, and behaviors.

What are my clients saying?


Fasna MH

Social Entrepreneur

“With the inclusion of Hrushi Bhaskar, our journey through the intricacies of digital marketing became much smoother. It’s refreshing to work with the best digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, who genuinely cares about the success of their clients.”


Afsal Jahan

Founder of Miller Creatives

“Hrushi’s collaboration proved to be a transformative experience for our company. His astute methodology in digital marketing amplified our brand’s presence and propelled substantial expansion in our clientele. His unmatched proficiency in SEO and social media sets him apart. That makes him the best digital marketing strategist in Malappuram”


Adarsh PA

Civil Engineer & Social Worker

“Finding a top-notch digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, can be challenging. However, hiring Hrushi Bhaskar proved to be an exceptional choice for our business. His comprehensive understanding of digital marketing trends  significantly impacted our online success.” 


"It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

Design Portfolio


“Elevating movie marketing through compelling visuals, my poster portfolio is a testament to the power of design”

Camera Chronicles

“In the chaos of the world, my camera is my anchor, and every click is a moment of serenity”


In the contemporary business landscape, digital marketing has emerged as a linchpin for success, reshaping how businesses connect with their audience, promote products or services, and drive growth. Being one of the best digital marketing strategists in Malappuram, Kerala, I can provide the best result-oriented services.

Digital marketing offers a fundamental advantage by surpassing geographical limitations and connecting with a worldwide audience. Through online platforms, businesses can showcase their offerings to a vast and diverse population, breaking free from the limitations of traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. The expansion of global reach not only enhances market potential but also enables businesses to connect with customers on an unprecedented scale.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your website’s visibility on search engines. By optimizing content and using relevant keywords, SEO helps your site rank higher in search results, driving organic traffic and increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala I can clearly say that one of the primary contributions of SEO is its ability to enhance the online visibility of a brand or business. Search engines, such as Google, serve as the starting point for the majority of online user journeys. SEO optimizes a website’s structure, content, and meta-information, making it more favorable to search engine algorithms. As a result, the website is more likely to appear on the coveted first page of search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing the likelihood of attracting organic traffic.

As a top digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I can clearly say that measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns is crucial to understanding their effectiveness and making informed decisions for optimization. Here are some key performance indicators (KPIs) and methods to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts:

  1. Website Traffic

  2. Conversion Rates

  3. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) or Cost-Per-Conversion

  4. Return on Investment (ROI)

Social media platforms provide a direct way to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. They also offer opportunities for customer engagement, feedback, and relationship building. being the best digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, i can maximize the benefits of social media, it’s important to have a well-defined strategy, be consistent in your efforts, and tailor your content to each platform’s audience and features. As a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, I can help grow your business.

PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click,” which is a digital advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. It’s a way of buying visits to a website rather than earning those visits organically through methods like search engine optimization (SEO).

As a digital marketing strategist in malappuram,Kerala i can run PPC campaign smoothly.In a PPC campaign, advertisers bid on specific keywords relevant to their target audience. When users search for these keywords on search engines like Google, and if the advertiser’s bid is among the highest, their ad is displayed prominently on the search results page. The advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on their ad.

As a freelance digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, and the years of experience i can say that The scope of freelance digital marketing is vast and continually expanding as businesses increasingly recognize the importance of establishing a strong online presence. Freelance digital marketers have the opportunity to offer a range of services and play a crucial role in helping businesses connect with their target audience in the digital landscape

A digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala is responsible for creating and implementing online marketing campaigns to promote businesses and connect with their intended audiences effectively. It’s not easy to be a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, They carefully analyze market trends, identify target demographics, and utilize various digital platforms including social media, search engines, and email marketing to improve brand visibility and foster customer engagement.

Being a digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala, Their duties encompass developing content strategies, optimizing websites for search engines, overseeing advertising budgets, and evaluating campaign performance using analytics tools to achieve specific marketing goals. Finally, I can say that digital marketing strategist in Malappuram, Kerala is a simple but powerful job role

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